In the sport of cricket, a wicket refers to a set of three stumps (vertical wooden posts) that are embedded in the ground. At 1xBet there is an Indian cricket scoreboard that tells you everything that is going on with the wickets. It has two bails (small wooden pieces) resting on top of them. When a bowler (the player who throws the ball) successfully dislodges the bails by hitting the stumps with the ball, it is referred to as putting down a wicket.

Putting down a wicket is a significant event in cricket because it is one of the primary ways in which a team can dismiss a batsman. The cricket scoreboard from 1xBet India will let you know when this happens. There are several ways in which a wicket can be put down, and each has its own specific rules and requirements.

How to put wickets down

The most common way to put down a wicket is through a bowled dismissal. This occurs when the ball hits the stumps directly without being touched by the batsman's bat or any other part of their body. The bowler is credited with the dismissal, and the batsman is considered to be out. If you want you can get 1xBet app - can be visited to wager on all these kinds of occurrences.


Another way to put down a wicket is through a caught dismissal, which occurs when the batsman hits the ball and it is caught by a fielder before it touches the ground. In this case, the bowler is still credited with the dismissal, and the batsman is considered to be out. You can get the 1xBet app now for free and use it to bet on whether a batsman will be dismissed.


A run-out dismissal can also result in a wicket being put down. This occurs when a fielder hits the stumps with the ball while the batsman is attempting to run between the wickets. If the batsman has not crossed the crease (a line on the ground that marks the end of the pitch), they are considered to be out.

Other methods

In addition to these methods, a wicket can also be put down through a stumping dismissal. This occurs when the batsman is outside of their crease. At the same time, the wicket-keeper removes the bails with the ball in their hand. Visit to wager whenever a wicket is put down.


Putting down a wicket is an important aspect of cricket, as it allows the fielding team to dismiss the opposition and take control of the game. It requires a combination of things like:

  • skill;
  • accuracy;
  • and strategy.

All of this is required by the bowler and fielders to successfully execute a wicket-taking delivery. Conversely, it requires alertness and defensive skills from the batsman to prevent their wicket from being put down. All these kinds of players can be wagered on the 1xBet platform too.

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