• Leya announces the successful closure of its $10.5 million funding round led by Benchmark’s Chetan Puttagunta, with participation from Hummingbird, SV Angel, and Y-Combinator.

Founded with a mission to empower lawyers with cutting-edge tools, Leya is poised to redefine the legal landscape. Rather than viewing AI as a mere accessory, Leya envisions it as a trusted partner, seamlessly integrated into lawyers' workflows. By automating routine tasks and leveraging generative AI, Leya aims to liberate legal professionals to focus on strategic thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

At the heart of Leya's platform lies its AI system that works natively with the documents and knowledge firms have built up over the years, in combination with legal data from over 15 jurisdictions. By utilizing both these sources of information, Leya delivers unparalleled accuracy, providing detailed citations and references at the sentence level. Whether conducting Due Diligence reviews, engaging in conversations, or editing and reviewing documents, Leya ensures precision at every step.

To develop this innovative AI solution, Leya has assembled a team of top-tier engineers from leading AI research labs and tech-savvy lawyers from prestigious firms worldwide. This unique synergy enables Leya to drive innovation, create exceptional products, and prioritize user needs.

With the support of its investors, Leya is now set to expand its team, forge strategic partnerships, and chart the course for the future of legal work.

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