Thanks to technology, the legal profession is constantly changing. As with every industry, tradition isn’t exactly being replaced, but it’s being transformed. Many attorneys who are used to doing things the old way are hesitant to embrace technology, but the tech they avoid has the potential to significantly improve their lives.

If you’re an attorney or legal professional, here are all the best reasons to embrace technology in your practice.


1. Technology can help you streamline the basics

Contracts are a staple in your line of work, but have you considered how much time you spend drafting documents? Since it’s second nature, you probably spend more time creating contracts for your clients than you realize. Most of the time, you can reuse the same basic templates for similar needs, but it’s still time-consuming to do all the work and make changes.

When you use a generative AI-powered platform like to streamline your contract drafting process, you’ll save time, money, and effort. For instance, you can find a pre-existing template and modify it to meet your needs – manually and with GPT. This allows you to automatically generate new sections and content for your contracts quickly and easily edit as you go to ensure relevance and accuracy.

2. Your workflow is only going to increase

You’ve probably noticed your workflow increasing consistently, and that makes it hard to get everything done. If your firm is on a budget, legal technology services can help you balance that workload to improve productivity. In fact, as legal departments face common challenges like automating routine tasks and controlling costs, they’re turning to technology for help.

After the pandemic created a swarm of challenges, as many as 84% of legal departments planned to use more technology to improve productivity. There’s just no way to manage all of your responsibilities in today’s world without embracing technology to the fullest.

3. Technology increases efficiency

Even when you get paid by the hour, efficiency is everything. Many of your clients are on a strict budget, and charging them more to compensate for inefficient processes isn’t sustainable. Neither is wasting unpaid time managing tasks that shouldn’t take long to complete.

When you automate routine tasks, like reviewing documents, legal research, and more, the attorneys in your firm can focus on more important tasks that can’t be fully automated. A major benefit of increased efficiency is being able to increase your billable hours.

4. Tech will help you stay compliant

Regulatory compliance in the legal profession has to be taken seriously, but that’s not always easy to manage manually. Technology can help you and your entire team stay compliant with all applicable regulations. For instance, there are tools that will make it easy to track documents, manage deadlines, and stay up-to-date with changes to industry regulations.

5. Technology gives you a competitive edge

It’s no secret that attorneys have been some of the last professionals to hold out on embracing technology. If you use the latest technology, you’ll gain an instant edge against competing law firms who have yet to get on board. Technology will help you to be more responsive and innovative and can even make clients choose you over others.

6. Tech helps you serve clients better

Today’s clients expect their attorneys to use technology just like everyone else. For example, they expect a law firm’s website to be easy to navigate and sometimes expect a client portal where they can log in to view the status of their case, download legal documents, and manage their payments.

Embracing technology that provides a relevant and smooth digital process will enhance the client experience, and that’s how you’ll get more referrals.

7. Technology will help you save money

In the past, the only law firms with access to innovative technology were those who took on the monumental cost of running on-premises servers and having custom software developed. Now that applications are available in the cloud and through native apps, this isn’t necessary.

You’ll pay a little bit of money upfront for the tech you decide to use, but it will pay off in the long run with big savings. For instance, if all you do is use an AI-powered legal research tool, you’ll save plenty of time and money on traditional research.

The world has gone digital – it’s time to catch up!

If you haven’t already enhanced your law firm’s workflow with technology, now is a great time to start. Your workloads are only going to continue growing, and streamlining your processes now will support your business long-term.


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